About us

A young company, born from the twenty-year
experience of the founder and CEO Pericle Cenci in the precious metals sector;

MTC benefits of his extended experience in the gold market to create a platform where the crypto and gold market can seamlessly interface.

All the above with the possibility to store the owned gold or redeem it in physical form, and have it delivered fast anywhere in the world.
MTC offers a Tokenization program in support of established companies.
The Companies’ Tokens are then being introduced into the exchange platform, creating a dedicated ecosystem and a unique opportunity for the companies to generate additional liquidity, and for the users to take part to the companies’ success.
Our offices:

  • London – United Kingdom – among the main world stock exchanges and undisputed marketplace for all operators trading on commodities.
  • Lugano – Switzerland – financial centre in the international trade of gold and precious metals.

About us


Thanks to its pioneering spirit, MTC has created its own digital currency (MT-COINS GOLD) that can be traded on the cryptocurrency markets, built on the Etherum blockchain with ERC20 tokens and integrated directly into the BTC-ETH-BCH-USDT-LTC
nodes to be exchanged on the main exchanges with the most important crosses.



The platform managed by MTC will allow you to hold and trade crypto, FIAT and gold, with the option, at any time, to convert and receive physical gold of guaranteed quality anywhere in the world.

Users will be able to exchange these assets among themselves in a fast, economical and above all safe way.

By opening an MTC WALLET it is possible to purchase the MT-COIN GOLD and carry out the following operations:

Buy gold

Users on their WALLET will see:

  • Quantity purchased.
  • Purchase price.
  • Gain or Loss.
    • There will be no storage costs.
    • Purchased quantities will be held by guaranteed third parties.
    • If the MTC fails, the property of the gold will always be guaranteed to the customers.
    • The gold will be made and certified by our Good Delivery Partner.
Resell gold electronically against Cryptocurrencies.

Low commissions to trade gold market through MT-COIN GOLD.

Physically withdraw the gold held in the portfolio at any time and with no fuss.
  • In this case, the costs for collecting the physical gold plus transport costs will be applied.
  • Delivery will be at the desired address and carried out within 48/72 hours
  • The bars will have weights of 100 grams and will be made by Good Delivery operators.
  • Minimum quantity for delivery is 100gr.

MT-COIN GOLD means value

The tokens can be used as a collateral to obtain liquidity up to 30% of the quantity held.

MT-COIN Tokens will allow the holders to take part in the success of the MTC Platform and a mechanism of dividend distribution will also be put in place.



Paramount for the company is the transparency towards its customers,
complying with current regulations, offering the highest security for our users peace of mind.

Pre-Sale & Values

Token Info

MT COIN GOLD is currently under Private Sale.
We expect the public STO to start during 2022.
To contact us and to request additional information, please use the button below.
Contact us
  • Name: MT-COIN GOLD
  • Symbol: MTCG
  • Token Max Supply: 100,000,000 pieces
  • Etherscan Contract Address: 0xfbc6133c9475f94734d3bc323f592c87d278bec4
  • Until completion of STO, all investors that will buy MT-COIN GOLD Tokens using Cryptocurrencies, will receive up to 10% bonus in MTCG. Click here to learn more.


This is a list of cryptocurrencies. The number of cryptocurrencies available over
the internet as of 7 January 2018 is over 1384 and growing.

Q2 2020
Initial concept and first board meeting.
Q3 2020
Determination Project Technical Team
Start of Project development
Q4 2020
Domain registered and website created.
Formation of the marketing team and legal team.
Q1 2021
Start of Project
Q2 2021
Token Smart Contract - Start of development
Team formation and development
Deployment of MTC web page
Company formation and Company House registration
Start of social and advertising campaigns
Initiated process to obtain FINMA authorization
MT COIN GOLD web page deployment
Q3-Q4 2021
Pre-Sale of MT COIN GOLD Private Sale of MT COIN GOLD
Testing of Exchange Platform
Marketing activity to promote brand awareness and create a community
Start development of additional functionalities of exchange platform
Q1 2022
Deployment of Exchange Web Application
Official public launch of Exchange Platform
Marketing campaign on all services offered by MTC
Start of exchange activities on the MTC exchange, open to all users and activity to promote STO and Exchange Platform
Expected FINMA authorization
Expected STO (Security Token Offering)
Further development of Exchange Application
Deployment of Staking functionality
Deployment of Guaranteed Loan Functionality
Development and deployment of MTC Payment Card connected to the exchange

Web Platform

The mobile and desktop version of the Metal Trading Company platform
will allow you to buy gold digitally in real time.

Desktop & mobile

By opening a secure guaranteed account with our partner Swiss Bank the following assets can be held: euros, dollars, cryptocurrencies and gold. Interchangeable with each other in real time, without intermediate steps and with maximum safety.

  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Biometric multi-factor authentication to access accounts.
  • Anti-fraud and AML system to protect all client funds.
  • Buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies in real time.
  • Best Crypto Assets


Do you need help? Chat with our support team to get your questions answered.




A multidisciplinary synergistic relationship of "big names", has contributed to our growth path,
facing and successfully facing a world in constant evolution.



Most STOs are not regulated and run on decentralized platforms. The methods and timing with which a start-up raises capital are decidedly simple and schematic. By publishing your business plan (or white paper) on the various digital platforms and trade journals, the project is viewed by potential interested parties. After the first pre-sale, the coin is listed on virtual exchanges in order to be subsequently exchanged for other coins or Fiat currencies (indirectly).
Even if Shares and Tokens have the same purpose - namely the financing of entrepreneurial activity - they have different logics. Shares are purchased on the stock market and give those who own them a set of property and administrative rights, such as the right to vote or the right to receive the company's profits. The shares, therefore, are also considered at the same time as a source of financing for the business. Tokens, on the other hand, contribute to finance either the entrepreneurial activity or a specific project that the company or start-up intends to implement and attribute to the holders some privileges, and not necessarily any rights. Finally, the tokens rely on Blockchain technology, so all confirmed transactions are then recorded in the shared ledger.
A token is a set of digital information within a blockchain that confers an ownership right on a particular subject. Tokenizing obviously means generating a token and connecting it to an asset through a contract called a smart contract. Tokenization is therefore the conversion of the rights of an asset into a digital token registered on a blockchain, where the real asset and the token are connected via the smart contract.
Peer to peer logical network technology, also abbreviated to P2P, allows you to create a network where there are no unique servers and clients, since each connected device is both client and server. The development of this logical network is due to the possibility of sharing the data present on one's PC with others.
It is the technology that allows cryptocurrencies to circulate (chain of blocks). The digital ledger created from the combination of the most advanced cryptographic studies of technology.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the new financing formula for startups.

Ico: definition. The ICO - the initial public offering of money - is the way in which a startup or a company places a part of its coins (or tokens), for the first time, in the cryptocurrency market by offering them to the investing public.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry's equivalent to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). A company aiming at raising money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an STO as a way to raise money.

Interested investors can buy into the offering and receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by the company. This token could be useful when using the product or service offered by the company, or it could simply represent a stake in the company or project.

In the specific case, MT-Coin will be used as a Utility Coin to access the services of the Company (Metal Trading Company) and as a stake in the Company with the right to receive dividends.

MT-Coin is the utility token of MTC. MTC wants to make the access to the gold market more affordable and fluid, by creating a token that allows holders to manage a gold portfolio in a safe and economic way, with guarantees from important operators by placing itself as a market leader.
The platform managed by MTC will allow you to hold and trade crypto, FIAT and gold, with the possibility, at any time, to convert and receive physical gold of guaranteed quality anywhere in the world.


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